Diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL)

E5.2.7.3 Diode pumped solid stae laser (DPSSL)


  • Optical pumping.
  • Pig tailed diode laser.
  • Laser operation.
  • Nd:YAG Crystal.
  • Absorption spectrum.
  • Emission spectrum.
  • Dynamic laser behavior.
  • Computer control.
Principle of operation

The light of the pump laser is transferred via a fibre cable to the fibre holder (FH). The lens (C) focuses the radiation into the Nd:YAG rod. The generated laser emission passes the filter (Fi) and the residual pump light is blocked. The laser emission can be transferred by means of the fibre telescope (FT-2) either to the optical spectrum analyser (OMA) or to the photodetector. This set-up is ideally suited to demonstrate the fundamental behaviour of a solid state laser system, its excitation process as well as its spectroscopic characteristics.

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