AM Radio Systems Trainer

The AM circuits operate within the AM broadcast band and the DSB/SSB circuits operate within the 80m 'ham band'.


  • Covers the principles of AM radio signal generation and reception
  • Double sideband carrier
  • Single and Double sideband with suppressed carrier
  • Receiver operating at 500-1600kHz (MW) & 3-4MHz(SW)
  • One fixed generator frequency in each band
  • Switched faults on both boards

The generator output is only a few milliwatts, so the range of transmission is extremely limited. The receiver has an integral antenna, but may also be used, with the addition of an external antenna, to receive normal broadcast and amateur signals. The principles and techniques of AM with full carrier, double-sideband suppressed carrier and single-sideband suppressed carrier transmission and reception can be easily investigated.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Modulation and demodulation
  • Mixing techniques
  • Filtering
  • RF and audio AGC
  • RF, IF and AF amplification
  • LC, crystal and VCO oscillators
  • Single and double sideband

  • Additional pictures

    FM2962 FM Stereo Radio Systems Trainer

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