DGS-100 GSM / GPS Experimental Set


    DGS-100 integrates with GSM / GPRS, GPS module and micro-controller. For verifying protocol of GPS, and GSM, we design several application experiments about microphone,earphones and Google Map.


GSM/GPRS Module : Telit GM862-Quad
  • Support ETSI GSM 07.07,ETSI GSM 07.05, FAX Class 1, TCP/IP protocol
  • Bandwidth:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS complies with PPP(Point-to-Point Protocol) transmission protocol
  • GPS Module : Global Positioning Service module EM-406A
  • SiRF Star Ⅲ high performance GPS chipset
  • Support NMEA0183 data protocol
  • Built-in patch antenna, Bandwidth 1575.42MHz
  • Micro-controller : Philip P89LPC922FN
  • 8K Flash memory, 256 Byte RAM
  • Micro-controller is responsible for transferring longitude and latitude message received from GPS module. The related message will be sent to GSM module through GPRS service to appointed IP address.
  • The user interface supports a friendly and clear experimental environment. All experiments adopt step by step. procedure. Moreover, each step offers relevant description and prompt.
  • Exp1-1:GPS Module Baud Rate Setting
  • Exp1-2:GPS Module Update Rate Control
  • Exp2-1:DGS-100 Dials Cell Phone by AT Command
  • Exp2-2:DGS-100 Answers Cell Phone by AT Command
  • Exp2-3:DGS-100 Sends Message to Cell Phone by AT Command
  • Exp2-4:DGS-100 Receives Cell Phone Message by AT Command
  • Exp2-5:DGS-100 Checks Signal Quality by AT Command
  • Exp2-6:DGS-100 Connects to Internet
  • Exp 3 :Micro-controller Experiment
  • Exp 4 :DGS-100 Application Experiment
  • Additional pictures


    CIC-700 LonWorks Control Network System

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