CIC-700 Lonworks Control Network System

CIC-700 Lonworks control network training system tries to help students accelerating their steps to catch up this popular trend.


  • Implement the real Lonworks control network system on a single table
  • Provide complete system tools for users to develop and integrate Lonworks control network
  • Explain profound control network theories in an easy-to-understand way, fitting for one semester
  • Provide more than 7 real everyday devices, such as fire alarm, temperature sensor, or fan for control network exercises
  • Detailed step-by-step experiment manual

Echelon networking technology enables end-users to remotely connect, monitor, control, sense, and diagnose intelligent devices. Today, thousands of intelligent devices and appliances are equipped with LonWorks networks. You can find them in every aspect of the device networking environment-from HVAC and lighting in buildings, collecting energy usage information or data across a wide grid of 27million houses-24 hours a day. LonWorks networks simplify system management, conserve energy, improve operations, and reduce costs. Solutions enabled by LonWorks networks create new revenue streams, increase productivity, lower operating costs, and enhance competitive differentiation for manufacturers, utilities, cable operators, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and other providers. LonWorks solutions provide a unique opportunity for manufacturers of everyday devices to offer new, revenue-generating services, gain useful data about their products and customers, improve brand value, and increase customer retention. For example, manufacturers of dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances can collect usage data from LonWorks devices that can be used to increase sales as well as improve future product features. They can use the network connection to add new functionality to their products over time with fee upgrades, pay-per-use, or as a free incentive to build customer loyalty. With remote diagnostic capabilities providers can anticipate appliance failures and trigger service calls, reducing downtime for consumers. The ongoing relationship promotes customer loyalty and increases repeated purchases. Such services can also generate new revenue streams for manufacturers by taking on the role of service provider

  • CI-73001 Power supply
  • CI-73002 Router Module
  • CI-73003 Penta Sens Module
  • CI-73004 Focus Module
  • CI-73005 Smoke Module
  • CI-73006 Tri Sound Module
  • CI-73007 Decode Module
  • CI-73008 Lamp Control Module
  • CI-73009 Fan Control Module
  • CI-73010 DIO Module
  • CI-78001 DIO Extension Module
    Echelon's Lonworks Control network technology creates a new generation of control network. CIC-700 Lonworks control network training system tries to help students accelerating their steps to catch up this popular trend. It not only helps students to understand the new control network theory but also provides lots of hands on experiments to learn the implementations of the new technology.

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