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EFO1101 ELLMAX Fibre-optics Educator

The Educator provides investigation of various aspects of fibre optic technology and its use in transmitting analogue and digital data.


  • Teaches fibre optic measuring techniques
  • Demonstrates standard properties of light (visible and infra-red)
  • Analogue and Digital data transmission
  • Self-contained training package

    EFO1102 Fibre Optics Power Meter

    EFO1105 Fibre Optics Monitor


The trainer provides the means to investigate various aspects of fibre optic technology and its use in transmitting analogue and digital data, with particular reference to telecommunications. The trainer comprises an optical transmitter with an infra-red LED, a red LED and variable output controls. It also has an optical receiver, which includes: a loudspeaker for analogue output, high and low impedance analogue outputs, variable analogue gain, buzzer, digital output and TTL, CMOS and RS232 voltage level digital outputs. Two lengths of fibre optic cable, various electrical connectors and accessories complete the kit. For organisations with no practical experience of Fibre optics, this trainer provides an effective means of obtaining a hands-on introduction to this technology. EFO1101 is supported by a Fibre Optics Monitor, EFO1105, which measures signals carried by fibre optic cables.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Shows the properties of light and Infra-red radiation
  • Transmission of high quality analogue and digital data over optical fibres and free space using visible and infra-red light
  • Converting various light sources, such as mains lighting, torch-light, infra-red light and the transmitter's variable frequency generator to audio signals and listening to them via the loudspeaker in the receiver
  • Construction of an alarm system based on the presence of a light signal
  • Clarifying the important differences between analogue and digital techniques
  • Measurement of the optical absorbtion or reflection properties of various materials
  • Testing analogue or digital optical receivers & transmitters

    EFO1102 Fibre Optics Power Meter

    The Power Meter is an accurate, versatile and low-cost unit for measuring optical power levels at terminated optical cables. An easy-to-read pointer scale gives readings in both dBm and microwatts. The meter ranges between 1mW (0dBm) down to a sensitivity of better than 1nW (-60dBm). The meter is calibrated at a wavelength of 820nm and permits accurate measurements between 800nm & 850nm. A large area receiving diode ensures maximum light acceptance. Battery life is typically 500 hours. Meter connector options include SMA & STRATOS. The meter comes complete with instruction manual, battery, electrical connectors and carrying case.

    EFO1105 Fibre Optics Monitor

    The Monitor is a versatile, fully portable product used to design fibre optics and general optics measurement applications. It uses SMA and STRATOS connections. Accessories include instruction manual, various electrical connectors, microphone, batteries and robust carrying case.

    The Monitor consists of an optical transmitter with:
  • A high radiance LED that gives good measurement performance for all types of multimode optical fibres, including 50μm core graded index fibre
  • A variable output control
  • A variable frequency square wave generator
  • Both digital and analogue inputs

    And an optical receiver with:
  • Loudspeaker analogue output, low impedance analogue output and variable analogue gain
  • Mean power monitor output
  • Silicon p-i-n diode mounted in a connector receptacle
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    OFT Optical Fibre Trainer

    OFS_A Optical Fibre Laboratory System

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