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58-003 Digital Telephony Training System

The Feedback range of Telecommunications training equipment has been designed to provide a modern, efficient approach to training the engineers and technicians working in this field.


  • Easily configurable for different exchanges
  • Can be easily upgraded from 58-002
  • Uses ITU-T codes and formats

This training system covers all of the work that can be performed with the Digital Switching System 58-002 and extends it to include trunk switching and message handling. The System has an additional Digital Switching Centre and its four associated telephones and includes eight extra assignments to extend the curriculum to trunk traffic topics. The work that can be carried out with this Trainer progresses from the investigation of local and interswitching centre numbers and their origination, through trunk switching, highways and timeslots, to call state transition diagrams and call records for a two switching centre system. CCITT (now ITUT) codes and formats are used. The Trainer is computer-controlled and uses Discovery software: an integrated instructional and hardware control program which includes logic analysis and display of results. The instruction is essentially non-mathematical and is particularly suited to vocational and technician level courses, or for the introductory principles required for further study of telephony systems in undergraduate courses.

The system comprises:
  • Controller
  • Two digital switching centre boards
  • Two, four telephone handset kits

    Curriculum Coverage as 58-002 plus

    Trunk Configuration
  • Trunk paths
  • Numbering
  • Tones and cadences

    Trunk Switching
  • Outward path
  • Return path

    Signal Protocol Controller
  • Flags
  • Frame check sequence
  • Zero insertion (bit stuffing)

    Trunk Signal Units
  • Message signal units
  • Fill-in signal units

    Signalling Information Field
  • Label
  • Heading codes
  • Address signals

    Error Control
  • Sequence numbers
  • Buffers

    Trunk State Diagrams
  • Originating switch
  • Dialling
  • Destination switch

    Trunk Call Progress
  • Originating switch
  • Dialling
  • Destination switch
  • Additional pictures

    58-004 Digital Trunk Network System

    58-002 Digital Switching System

    58-001 Telephony Training System

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