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Feedback 56-901 MIDE Microwave Design Software

The Feedback range of Telecommunications training equipment has been designed to provide a modern, efficient approach to training the engineers and technicians working in this field.


  • Impedance, dispersion and loss calculations
  • Optimisation including eight optimisers
  • Yield analysis
  • Interactive comparison (tuning) capability
  • Impedance, dispersion and loss calculations
  • Optimisation including eight optimisers
  • Interactive Smith chart
  • Yield analysis
  • Interactive planar lines analysis and synthesis
  • Integrates measured data with simulations
  • Interactive help includes all transmission line design equations
  • MIDE linear frequency-domain circuit simulator

MIDE Design Software is a powerful computer-aided engineering program for the simulation of complex linear microwave and high-frequency analogue circuits. It provides the means to determine transmission, reflections, stability and gain of circuits. These may be composed of lumped or distributed components, different lines and passive or active sub-circuits, including elements determined by scattering, admittance or impedance parameters. MIDE is an ideal tool for microwave technology students to develop designs in project work.


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