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Feedback 56-200 Microwave Trainer

The Feedback range of Telecommunications training equipment has been designed to provide a modern, efficient approach to training the engineers and technicians working in this field.


  • Stand-alone, low cost system
  • No ancillary equipment required
  • Simple, robust stands for antenna studies
  • Modulated 10.425GHz solid state DRO source
  • Components identified with inscribed reference number

This training system allows the user to investigate the principles of microwave transmission systems, such as those used in radar and communications links. It is a precision-made system, which uses standard type WG16(WR90) waveguide components to illustrate the essential elements within this field of study. It is completely self-contained and provides the means to allow students to carry-out realistic practical work.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Introduction to microwave waveguide bench and measurement of: (a) source frequency (b) guide wavelength
  • Measurement of voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)
  • Measurement of diode detector law
  • Measurement of impedance and impedance matching
  • Measurement of radiation diagram of a horn antenna
  • Use of directional couplers in power transmission and reflection measurement
  • Series, shunt and hybrid tee waveguide junctions
  • Waveguide-to-coaxial transformers

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