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Feedback TLD511 Transmission Line Demonstrator

The Feedback range of Telecommunications training equipment has been designed to provide a modern, efficient approach to training the engineers and technicians working in this field.


  • Large bright LED display
  • Built-in step function process
  • Variable simulated line length
  • Manual hold facility
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • 1 to 1 impedance transformations
  • Lines with dissimilar lossless terminations
  • Resonance and capacitive detuning
  • Reactive line impedance either side of resonance

This system is provided to demonstrate the characteristics of transmission lines in a graphic manner. The system uses a simulated line that effectively displays the high frequency characteristics of a transmission line at low frequencies so that they can be easily observed. The line characteristics can be easily adjusted by the operator. The line is completely symmetrical so that either end may be regarded as an input or an output. The unit features large, bright LEDs, a built-in step function generator and is supplied with a manual.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Propagation of a wave front
  • Propagation of a sinewave
  • Effect of wavelength
  • Attenuation and dispersion
  • Terminations
  • Reflection, standing waves and characteristic impedance
  • Partial reflection, standing waves and superposition of incident and reflected waves
  • Resonance and the effect of attenuation

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