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53-004 Analogue & Digital Telecommunications Workstation

The Feedback range of Telecommunications training equipment has been designed to provide a modern, efficient approach to training the engineers and technicians working in this field.


  • Suitable for both technician and undergraduate teaching
  • Complete trainer, requires only a PC
  • On-screen background, theory and practical instructions
  • Comprehensive set of Laboratory Assignments
  • Covers modern modulation principles and practice
  • Integrated hardware and software environment
  • Software provides embedded instrumentation including Automatic Bode & Nyquist plot and Constellation meter
  • Quantative measurements of fundamental circuit properties
  • Uses Gain Phase Analyzer
  • No costly additional instrumentation required
  • Stand-alone workstation or network operation (with Feedback's Discovery Laboratory Manager)
  • Assignment editing and creation software available
  • Covers:-Tuned Circuits & Filters Amplifiers and Oscillators Modulation & coding

This modern training system provides a learning platform that involves the interaction between hardware, software, PC and the student. The close integration of the hardware workboard with computer-based instruction and instrumentation software provides the student with a rich learning environment with all the necessary learning materials and tools available at the students finger tips. Integrated with the hardware is a comprehensive laboratory software package comprising full student instruction for performing the many assignments and practical activities, together with relevant background and theoretical information. The software also provides all the instrumentation required for the monitoring and measurement of the workboard signals. The 53-004 consists of three workboards - Amplifiers and Oscillators 53-210, Tuned Circuits and Filters 53-220, Modulation and Coding 53-230 and a 92-203 USB Realtime Access Terminal (RAT) with all the necessary power supplies for the workboard included.

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53-210 Amplifiers and Oscillators Workboard

53-220 Tuned Circuits and Filters

53-230 Modulation and Coding Workboard

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