KL-900A Basic Communication Trainer

The trainer combines the basic modules with experimental circuits. It can offer the beginner complete courses of basic communication.

    Analog Communication Modules (KL-900A1)

  • KL-93001 Oscillator/Second Order LPF & HPF
  • KL-93002 AM Modulator/Demodulator
  • KL-93003 DSB-SC & SSB Modulator/Demodulator
  • KL-93004 FM Modulator/Demodulator
  • KL-93005 PLL Frequency Synthesizer

The KL-900A trainer includes the basic modules to experiment on fundamentallevel topics of a telecommunication course. The purpose of the modules is to enable the student to acquire a clear experimental view of the basic concepts and a familiarization with the operative aspects of the work in the telecommunication laboratory.Equipped with power supply and signal unit, students only have to add the oscilloscope or Spectrum Analyzer, then they can complete various experiments independently KL-900A is a open-modularized design, it enables to extend experimental range.


  • RF Oscillator Experiment
  • Second Order LPF & HPF Experiment
  • AM Modulator Experiment
  • AM Demodulator Experiment
  • DSB-SC and SSB Modulator Experiment
  • DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator Experiment
  • FM Modulator Experiment
  • FM Demodulator Experiment
  • PLL Frequency Synthesizer

  • Analog to Digital Experiment
  • Digital to Analog Experiment
  • PWM Modulator Experiment
  • PWM Demodulator Experiment
  • FSK Modulator Experiment
  • FSK Demodulator Experiment
  • CVSD Modulator & Demodulator, Manchester Code Encode/Decode
  • ASK Modulator/Demodulator
  • PSK/QPSK Modulator/Demodulator
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    KL-900D Fiber-Optic Transmission Training System

    KL-900B Analog Communication System

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