Feedback 36-202 to 205 PLC Tutor Kits

The Feedback range of Mechatronics Tutor Kits has been specifically designed to give practical and in-depth knowledge of Pneumatics, Electro- Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Control (P.L.C.) and Hydraulics, preparing students for further/higher education and entry into industry.


  • Portable, rugged construction
  • Genuine industrial components
  • Push-fit connections (tubing and leads)
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Wide range of assignments
  • Choice of PLCs: Mitsubishi Alpha or FX1S, Allen Bradley PICO, Siemens S7-200
  • Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Minimal set-up time
  • No tools needed
  • Versatile

These low cost trainers offer portability and a compact format making them ideal for multi-user class room activities as well as being transportable to other locations as and when required. Each trainer requires a compressor 36-112 and power supply 36-210. All components used in the tutor kits are genuine industrial items to give maximum exposure and familiarisation with the relevant technology. Each component is clearly marked with its appropriate ISO 1219-1 fluid power symbol.

PLC Electro-Pneumatics Trainer 36-202

Designed to enhance the study of electro-pneumatic component applications, this broad range of trainers provides the platform to practice programming industrial PLCs. Each unit is fitted with a different manufacturers PLC providing a choice that is relevant to the user. 36-202 is fitted with the Mitsubishi Alpha PLC.

PLC Electro-Pneumatics Trainer 36-203

The electro-pneumatic and pneumatic components consist of single and double acting cylinders with striker cam, adjustable flow control valve, directional control valves solenoid activated, limit switches and 6 way electrical manifold. Also provided are electrical switches and lamps. The 36-203 contains a Mitsubishi FX1S PLC.

PLC Electro-Pneumatics Trainer 36-204

This trainer is fitted with the Allen Bradley Pico controller.

PLC Electro-Pneumatics Trainer 36-205

Fitted with the Siemens S7-200 PLC.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Lamp (indicator) control - direct/indirect
  • Roller-operated and push-button switches
  • Solenoid (coil) control - direct/indirect
  • Single and double-acting cylinder control - direct/indirect
  • Solenoid/spring poppet valve - direct/indirect
  • Solenoid/spring spool valve - direct/indirect
  • Solenoid/solenoid spool valve - direct/indirect
  • AND & OR logic functions
  • Semi-automatic, automatic and latching circuits
  • Repeat and non-repeat patterns
  • PLC control and theory including set, reset, counter, timer, flag and logic functions (PLC Tutor Kits)
  • Logic plans (Alpha)
  • Ladder diagrams (Pico)
  • Ladder diagrams and statement lists (FX1S, S7-200) )

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    Pneumatics & Hydraulics

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    36-200 Electro-Pneumatics Tutor Kit

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