Feedback 35-017 Flexible Manufacturing System W7

It is possible to design, manufacture, document and program a custom work-cell to match your exact requirements.


  • Four Robot System
  • CNC Mill and Lathe
  • Four conveyors
  • Stages of manufacture can be examined from raw material to finished part
  • Fully operational FMS
  • Uses WALLI Software specifically designed for ease of programming
  • Demonstration programming routines provided
  • Mobile Bench-top mounted system

This comprehensive FMS system provides many opportunities to implement various system programming scenarios and to study the individual operations of each stage of the manufacturing process. The four robots, (2 Gryphon, a Mentor and a Serpent), each perform tasks that are suited to their design. The individual robot activity within the workcell can therefore be investigated. The system demonstrates a fully automated production process for the manufacture of small machined components utilising independently controlled conveyors, two CNC machines and four robots. The industrial computer is supplied with WALLI software pre-loaded and includes routines for the individual robots and CNC machines to perform the operations necessary to carry-out the full process performed by the workcell. These routines and the full workcell operation are tested prior to the system leaving the factory. Although the workcell program is pre-determined, (the main program being a fixed statement of the workcell function), the subroutines that control the Lathe and Mill may be edited so that a new part is produced through their action. Any change in the shape or size of the billet of material used in the manufacturing process will affect the operations performed by the robot handling the material. Therefore the parameters will need to be adjusted accordingly.


  • Pre-tested workcell
  • Simplified programming using WALLI software
  • Software supports ISO format programming - G and M codes
  • Includes industrial computer pre-loaded with WALLI Software
  • Extensive programming opportunities
  • Produces machined components

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    Control & Instrumentaion

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