Feedback 35-011 Flexible Manufacturing System W1

It is possible to design, manufacture, document and program a custom work-cell to match your exact requirements.


  • Fully operational FMS
  • Stages of manufacture can be examined from raw material to finished part
  • Uses WALLI Software specifically designed for ease of programming
  • Demonstration programming routines provided
  • Mobile Bench top mounted system

Using any combination of equipment, a programmed, bench-mounted system can be supplied to demonstrate a fully automated series of manufacturing processes. All Demonstration Benches are supplied with an industrial controller, programmed and ready to run. Each Demonstration Bench comes as a fully working, pre-assembled, modular system. Suggested combinations are W1 - A parts dispenser with one conveyor, W2 - A simple Workcell, W4 - 2 independent processes running simultaneously, W5 - Demonstrates a number of manufacturing processes, W6 - Combines Milling and turning on fully-automated work-cell and table.


  • Pre-tested workcell
  • Simplified programming using WALLI software
  • Software supports ISO format programming - G and M codes
  • Includes industrial computer pre-loaded with WALLI Software
  • Produces machined components


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