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Feedback 35-005-C Complete CNC Mill Package

Provides an excellent and economical introduction to ISO format programming using industry-standard G and M codes.


  • ISO format programming
  • Supports the most widely used G&M codes
  • Post processor
  • DXF & HPGL files from CAD packages automatically convert to G & M codes
  • Graphical simulation
  • Before cutting, the program may be checked by running it either on-line or off-line
  • Small scale fully functional milling machine
  • Uses WALLI Software specifically designed for ease of programming
  • Demonstration programming routines provided
  • Stepper motor drives on all axes
  • Programmable motorised component vice
  • Access doors interlocked for safety
  • Emergency 'stop' button provided
  • Bench-top mounted system

The CNC Mill is representative of much larger industrial milling machines, providing training at low-cost on their use and programming. The mill is equipped with the majority of features found on its industrial counterpart. Components in soft materials can be produced to verify program routines without the worry of serious damage and cost of repair associated with an industrial unit.


  • Provides CNC lathe training at low cost
  • Easy to use WALLI programming software
  • Programming examples provided
  • Graphical simulation - view program without cutting material
  • Software supports ISO G & M codes
  • Produces finished components
  • Comprehensive instruction manual including exercises
  • Complete working system


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    35-001 CNC__FMS

    Control & Instrumentaion

    35-002 Gryphon EC

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