KL-600 μPA SENCONS Microcomputer Sensing Control System

It's simple, easy to learn, that shortens the cost, time for R&D and increase productivity.


  • Industrial-standard sensors and transducers
  • With RS-232 and PIO interface ports
  • Open-ended design, ideal for expansion
  • Offering a sensing data acquisition software, which is developed under LabVIEW software

The KL-600 mPA SENCONS Microcomputer Sensing Control System is a comprehensive sensor/transducer control training system that incorporates industrial-grade components with various control circuits and load units. Its modular and closed-loop control circuits allow implementation of open-ended, individual control loops used in industrial applications. The KL-600 uses only industrial-standard sensors/transducers (0~10V, 4~20mA) and is equipped with RS-232 and PIO interfaces for computer interface control experiments. Control programs can be written and down-loaded to the Single-Chip microprocessor on KL-61001 main unit from computers through RS-232 interface.

  • Characteristics of Various Sensors
  • General Sensor Characteristics Experiments
  • AD590 Temperature Transducer Experiments
  • Thermocouple Temperature Transducer Experiments
  • PT-100 Temperature Transducer Experiments
  • Humidity Transducer Experiments
  • Load-Cell Weight Measurement Experiments
  • LVDT Transducer Experiments
  • Photovoltaic Transducer Experiments
  • Linear Scale Experiments
  • Infrared Transducer Experiments
  • Ultrasonic Transducer Experiments
  • Pressure Sensor Experiments
  • V/F, F/V Converter Experiments
  • Accessories (KL-68011)

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