Feedback 38-005 pH Process Control

One of a Range of Industrial Process Control Trainers with Discovery Software. Technology Training for Tomorrow's world.


  • All components resistant to agressive fluids
  • Motorised agitator
  • Removable pH probe
  • Industry standard 4-20mA control signals
  • A precision motorised control valve
  • Four tanks
  • Modern push fittings
  • Comprehensive lab notes and Discovery software

The pH Training System is based around the pH Rig and is a self-contained educational platform for teaching pH level control and effluent treatment methods. The System comprises two independently pumped fluid circuits mounted on a robust bench-top panel which allows the study of the principles of process control using the pH of the mixed effluent and reagent fluids as the process variable. The system is suitable for individual student work or for group demonstrations. Effluent and reagent are contained in separate holding tanks prior to being pumped into the reaction tank where mixing is carried out.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Introduction, familiarisation and calibration of the pH rig
  • Interface familiarisation and calibration
  • Controller familiarisation and calibration
  • Valve characteristics
  • Manual control of pH
  • Open loop response
  • On/off control of pH
  • Simple proportional control
  • Effect of proportional band
  • Study of proportional and integral control
  • Study of proportional and derivative control
  • Study of proportional, integral and derivative control


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