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Feedback 38-002 Temperature Process Control

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  • Temperature monitored in primary and secondary circuits, flow also monitored
  • P, PI and PID control with autotune facility
  • Primary circuit flow controlled by motorised control valve
  • Primary circuit heater and pump
  • Secondary circuit fanassisted cooling radiator
  • Modern push fittings
  • Water used as the process fluid. Operates from mains water supply using 38-480

The Temperature Training System is a two loop system, using water as the process fluid which allows the study of the principles of process control using primary and secondary circuit temperatures as the process variables to be controlled. A Forced Air Cooler 38-610 is also available. It accelerates the process dynamics using a constant input temperature, allowing a high temperature differential to be monitored for longer periods.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Temperature familiarisation and calibration
  • Interface familiarisation and calibration
  • Controller familiarisation and calibration
  • Pulse flow transmitter
  • On-Off control
  • Study of P, PI and PID control of Temperature and Flow
  • Manual flow control
  • Temperature process control
  • Complex control loops

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    Feedback 38-610 Forced Air Cooler

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