K&H PLC-200 PLC Trainer

The use of PLCs in today's automated production lines improves system reliability, product quality, information sharing, efficiency and flexibility and thus reduces costs.


  • Input-simulation switches with level and pulse input functions for the requirements of different input signal.
  • Output Relay's installation helps to increase load current.
  • Easy-to-use windows-based development software.
  • Equipped with various periferal devices and other devices that can support external extensions, particularly suited for laboratory experiment and project implementation.
  • Equipped with various simulations I/O devices for the convenience of studying and observing the results.
  • Use 4mm safety sockets Input/Output terminals to ensure the physical safety of users.
  • Easy to carry, move and store with a suitcase design.

PLC-200 is a self-contained trainer which consists of a SIEMENS PLC main unit, I/O devices for simulation, and I/O devices that are commonly used. It provides students with a thorough understanding of the theories and applications of programmable logic controllers. The trainer enables students to learn step by step from the basic fundamentals of PLC to more advanced controls used in industry.

  • AC power supply: 100V - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • PLC main unit: SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-224
  • Digital input: 14 points
  • Digital output: 10 points
  • Support high-speed counters: 6 (total)
  • Support timers: 4 1-ms timers; 16 10-ms timers; 236 100-ms timers
  • Communication ports: RS-485
  • One 4-digit 7-segment display
  • One 4-digit thumbwheel switch
  • One step motor
  • One encoder
  • One 24V DC motor
  • One proximity sensor
  • One micro switch
  • One buzzer
  • One 4x4 keypad
  • One 24-VDC expansion power
  • Provide module expansion port and DIO extension port
  • Provide traffic light control module
  • Provide tank-filling device module
  • Windows-based programming software (STEP 7- Micro/WIN) allows the user to modify the program when running

  • STEP 7- Micro/WIN operations
  • Editing ladder program
  • Testing ladder program
  • Monitoring status
  • Basic control circuits
  • Self-holding circuit
  • Flashing control
  • Inching control
  • Single button Control
  • Light control
  • Simple light control
  • Complex light control
  • Traffic light control
  • Traffic light controller (Step)
  • Traffic light controller (Conventional)
  • Digital clock control
  • Segment display control
  • Time clock
  • Step motor control
  • Speed and direction control
  • Encoder operation
  • Step motor and encoder
  • Step motor's step display
  • Tank filling device control
  • Tank filling control
  • Tank filling control with thumbwheel
  • Keypad control
  • Keypad operation
  • Digital lock control
  • DC motor control
  • PWM speed controller
  • Proximity and micro switches
  • Automatic speed control

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