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Feedback 34-150 Elevator

The elevator illustrate the principles of PLC interfacing and control.


  • Fully working model of an elevator with four floors
  • Floor sensing and visual indication of direction of travel
  • Motorised elevator car door
  • Up/down call buttons on each floor
  • Front panel manual switch for testing and debugging
  • Integral motor servo controller with mechanical brake
  • Interfaces with most PLC types. Analogue control also available
  • Switchable faults

The elevator provides a sophisticated application to illustrate the principles of PLC interfacing and control based on a real life application. Starting with simple programme sequences to control elevator speed, direction and floor arrival/departure, the student can progress to advanced floor request handling and continuous (analogue) control with acceleration profiling and compensation for varying car loads.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Fundamentals of logic
  • Basics of PLC programming
  • Developing ladder logic programmes
  • Basic and advanced sequence control
  • Additional pictures

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