Feedback 33-008 Modular Servo Workshop

Modular Servo Workshop is based on the Modular Servo System MS150. In addition to the standard MS150 analogue control & design system, the present format allows rapid and direct path from control system design to hardware implementation.


  • Analogue servo operation
  • Open-loop systems Speed/Position
  • Closed-loop systems Speed/Position
  • Motor characteristics
  • Frequency and Step response measurements
  • Digital servo operation
  • Real-time digital control
  • PID controller design
  • Adaptive control

The Precision Modular Servo Workshop has been designed to give a rapid and direct path from control system design to hardware implementation. The resolution and accuracy of the system, and the consistency of its performance, makes the Precision Modular Servo Workshop ideal for serious study of digital linear servo control systems. As well as allowing study of digital control the Precision Modular Servo Workshop also provides a complete introduction to servos, from fundamental studies of analogue servos through to full, real-time digital control using MATLAB, SIMULINK, Real-time Workshop and Real-time Windows Target. It is fully supported with laboratory assignments which have been designed to give students a full understanding of the control paths within the equipment. For those customers who wish to upgrade their existing MS150 system to a 33-008 there is an Upgrade Pack 33-310-PCI comprising a Incremental Encoder, D/A, A/D Converter, software, cables and Courseware.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Real time digital control
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Transfer function & state space representation
  • Frequency response
  • Single input - Single output feedback control: time domain
  • PID control
  • Linear quadratic & time-optimal control
  • Motor Characteristic
  • Speed and position control
  • On-line tuning of parameters

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