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Feedback MS150A AC Complete Modular Servo System

The Modular Servo System is a unique equipment designed to study the theory and practice of automatic control systems.


  • Servo system comprises selfcontained units with mimic diagrams indicating connections and function.
  • Magnetic base on each unit provides firm fixing to baseplate so enabling practical imitation of block schematic diagrams.
  • Units may be investigated individually before completing a system.
  • Easily extended to cover Digital Systems
  • No mechanical skills required to construct a working system.
  • Variable factors such as gain, damping, friction, and inertia, are immediately demonstrable by their effect on performance.
  • Demonstrations of stable & unstable modes of operating by switch-in of additional time constant network.
  • Speed or position controls may be built.
  • System protected against incorrect connections and accidental short-circuits.

The MS150A Modular Servo System is a unique medium for study of the theory and practice of automatic control systems. The System comprises a baseplate and twenty units which can be supplied as: a complete system a dc system only an ac system only conversion sets to change from one system to another.


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