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Feedback 33-001-USB Analogue & Digital Servo Trainer

This trainer introduces the theory and practice of automatic control systems and allows investigation of open and closed loop analogue, digital, speed and position control.


  • Open and closed loop speed and position control
  • Both analogue and digital control techniques
  • Discovery Software for computer assisted practical assignments
  • Inbuilt PC base instrumentation
  • On board sine, square and triangle waveform generator
  • Independent single, two term, or full PID control
  • Continuous analogue position and velocity feedback signals
  • linear or PWM motor drive
  • Switched faults throughout the system
  • LCD speed and digital voltmeters
  • Connection to a PC via USB
  • Incudes power supply

System comprises: Mechanical Unit 33-100 with input and output potentiometers, motor, tacho-generator, absolute and incremental encoder and on-board waveform generators. Analogue Unit 33-110 with four input error amplifier. Optional additional time constant. Variable gain and velocity feedback. Single, two term or full PID control.Digital Unit 33-120 provides access to PC, has A/D & D/A converters, linear or PWM motor drive, LED display.


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33-100 USB Mechanical Unit

33-110 Analogue Unit

33-120 Digital Unit

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