KL-730 Biomedical Measurement System


  • KL-730 contains twelve modules, including Electrocardiogram Measurement, Electromyogram Measurement, Electrooculogram Measurement, Electroencephalogram Measurement, Blood Pressure Measurement,
    Photoplethysmogram Measurement, Respiratory Ventilation Detection, Pulse Meter, Body Impedance Detection, Doppler Ultrasound Blood Velocity, TENS and Respiration Flow / Vital Capacity Meter.
  • The sensors and transducers used in this equipment include pressure transducer, infrared photocoupler, strain
    gauge, temperature sensor, surface electrode, dual element transducer and pneumotach transducer.
  • Each module has many test points which can change the frequency bandwidth and amplifier's gain. Thus, students can understand the correlation between physiological signal and each circuit stage.

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