K&H MS-6000 Mechatronics Trainer System

Feedback 34-250 Industrial Process Fault Finding Trainer

Feedback 35-014 Flexible Manufacturing System W4

KL-900C AM/FM Tansmitter & Receiver System

KL-900D Fiber-Optic Transmission Training System

Feedback 62-005 Dissectible Machines System Trainer

OAT343 Operational Amplifier Tutor

MTS-80A Z-80 Microcomputer Trainer


IDL-800A Digital Lab

Feedback 34-100 Single Conveyor PLC Application

Feedback 35-005-C Complete CNC Mill Package

KL-900A Basic Communication Trainer

OFT Optical Fibre Trainer

EM-3360-3A AC Induction Motor Winding Trainer

LT345 MK 2 Logic Tutor

CIC-900 ARM9 Start Kit

Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer 39-305

Feedback 33-007 Twin Rotor MIMO System

Feedback 35-001-USB Complete Mentor Package

Feedback 40-001, 40-002 Mechanical Transmission Trainer

Feedback 58-002 Digital Switching System

Feedback 70-003 Thyristor & Motor Control

EEC475 Power Supplies

CIC-310 CPLD/FPGA Digital Circuits Development System

K&H GES-100 Solar Cell Trainer

Feedback 33-005 Digital Pendulum Control System

KL-620 μPA SENCONS Microcomputer Sensing Control System Equipment

Feedback 36-010 to 013 Hydraulics - Mobile Trolley Trainers

Feedback 56-200 Microwave Trainer

Feedback 60-070 VIP Virtual Instrumentation

EEC470 Electricity and Electronics Constructor Deck

28-107 Programmable Logic Development and Training System

GFC-2000 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell  Testing Platform


Feedback 38-005 pH Process Control

Feedback 36-001, 002, 003  Pneumatics - Trolley Based Trainers

Feedback 57-200 AntennaLab

AM Radio Systems Trainer

KL-200 Linear Circuits Lab(2)-Electronic Circuits Lab

8086 Development & Training System 24-131

KR-201 Air Conditioner Training System (Window Type)

K&H GES-6100 Fuel cell electric vehicle training system

Feedback MS150A AC Complete Modular Servo System

Feedback 38-002 Temperature Process Control

Feedback 35-017 Flexible Manufacturing System W7

53-210 Amplifiers and Oscillators Workboard

CIC-700 Lonworks Control Network System

KL-720 Biomedical Measurement System

68HC11 Microcontroller Trainer 24-102

MTS-86C 8086 Microcomputer Trainer

K&H GES-200 Wind Energy Trainer

Feedback 34-400 Programmable Logic Control Applications

Feedback 35-006-C Complete Cyber Lathe Package

KL-900B Analog Communication Trainer

OFS A Optical Fibre Laboratory System

EM-3350 Cutaway models of electrical machines

CK341 Advanced Logic Trainer

CIC-910A PSoC Training Lab


Feedback MS150 DC Complete Modular Servo System

Feedback 33-008 Modular Servo Workshop

Feedback 35-002C Gryphon EC

PS-1000 Pneumatic Training System

58-003 Digital Telephony Training System

Feedback 70-005 dc Motor Control Trainer

EEC476 Electronic Control of Machines

CIC-500 DSP Development and Experiment System

Feedback PV75-100 Photovoltaic Principles Trainer

Feedback 33-006 Magnetic Levitation System

KL-500 Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics Trainer

Feedback 36-014 to 017 Hydraulics - Portable.+.Transit/Storage

Feedback 56-901 MIDE Microwave Design Software

EM-3000 Electrical Machines System

EEC471-472 Basic Electricity and Electronics

CIC-800A Interface Lab

K&H GFC-3000 PEMFC/DMFC Experiment System

K&H PLC-200 PLC Trainer

Feedback 37-100 Process Control Trainer

Feedback 36-004, 005 & 006 Pneumatics - Portable Trainers

Feedback ASD512 Antenna Systems Demonstrator

FM Radio Systems Trainer

KL-210 Basic Electricity Circuit Lab

68000 Microprocessor Trainer 24-141

KR-101 Refrigerator Model Training System

KL-730 Biomedical Measurement System

Understanding Electronics

Feedback 38-001 Level/Flow Process Control

Feedback 36-100 Pneumatics Tutor Kits

Feedback 53-220 Tuned Circuits and Filters

DGS-100 GSM / GPS Experimental Set

39-103 to 39-104 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainer

80C51 Development and Training System 24-104

MTS-51 8051 Microcomputer Trainer/MTS-52 ICE

Feedback 38-009 Distributed Control System

K&H PLC-100 PLC Trainer

Feedback 34-150 Elevator

Feedback 35-011 Flexible Manufacturing System W1

53-004 Analogue & Digital Telecommunications Workstation

EFO1101 ELLMAX Fibre-optics Educator

KL-710 Biomedical Measurement Data Acquistion System

CK342 Analogue & Digital Systems

LV-100 LabVIEW I/O Interface Trainer