Jenoptik CCD Digital Camera ProgRes Research / MS

Discover highest image quality
The high sensitivity of the monochrome ProgRes CCD Research cameras warrants brilliant images, especially when working with low-light specimens. Expeditious and smooth operation is provided by sensitive CCD sensors with high frame rates and a broad dynamic range. Especially the cooled camera models are adapted to handle mainly low-noise long-time exposures.
  • Image sensor 1/2" 0.45 Megapixel Monochrome CCD Progressive scan
  • Image resolution 2x...4x
  • Maximum Frame rate (image size) 50 fps (782 x 582 pixel)
  • Pixel size 8.3 um x 8.3 um
  • Digital interface USB 2.0
  • Optical connection C-Mount (0.5x TV pref.)
  • Sensor resolution 782 x 582 pixel
  • Dynamic range 68 db
  • Exposure times 50us...270s
  • Analog gain 1x...8x

    ProgRes MS for highest sensitivity. Due to the very large pixel size of 8.3 μm these USB 2.0 cameras are especially suitable for most sensitive applications, where also a very fast live image is required. Even moving objects can be recorded and fast processes can be followed up. Extreme speed combined with high sensitivity The ProgRes CS color camera has been optimized for applications in exacting tasks. Especially when working with low-light specimens the high sensitivity of this model warrants brilliant images with an unbelievable live image speed of up to 50 frames per second. Expeditious and smooth operation is provided by this sensitive CCD sensor, offering high frame rates and a broad dynamic range. Color CCD cameras with large pixel size (8.3um x 8.3um) very fast CCD live image for easy focusing. USB 2.0 interfaces fast and easy to use plug-and-play solution. ONE Intuitive Stand-Alone Capture Software for WIN and MAC genuine color reproduction.

    Fields of Application
  • Material science
  • Quality control
  • Geology Mineralogy
  • Image analysis
  • Image documentation
  • Life Science, diagnostics
  • Pathology & Cell biology
  • Forensics


  • Perfect color reproduction
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Highest resolution & fast live image
  • High frame rates
  • High sensitivity and low noise
  • Large pixel size for increased sensitivity
  • The larger the pixel size the more photons can be collected in a given amount of time
  • Excellent price-performance ratio



    CapturePro supports the excellent quality of ProgRes microscope cameras and delivers optimal image quality and reproducible results. Calibrations and image correction matrices, for example, shadings can be individually generated for your camera and are saved in your own user profile.All ProgRes cameras are controlled by the powerful ProgRes CapturePro image capture software. Besides fundamental adjustable parameters such as exposure time, white balance, RGB color correction and gamma, contrast, brightness and saturation this software offers a lot of other features like: Multi-fluorescence mode - Programmable resolution - Individual user profiles - Measurement capabilities - Continuous automatic exposure control - Time-lapse - Shading calibrations - Multi-camera operation - Multi-focus - Image annotations

     By means of just a few mouse clicks it is possible to program time-lapse experiments, coordinate multifluorescence image capture sessions and conduct various measurements in the live as well as in the captured image. Of course shading corrections can also be applied. The configuration of the software allows displaying or hiding individual functionalities, depending on the particular application.



  • Additional pictures

    Sample: Aspergillus

    Sample: Variola vaccine virus

    Sample: Paedocypris sp., female

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