URay5500 X-ray Inspection System

Excellent functions and user usability are concentrated
Matsusada Precision Inc. As a leading manufacturer of high-voltage power supplies that has supported the cutting-edge area of X-ray inspection systems, semiconductor manufacturing and medical devices. The brand new microfocus x-ray tube developed for 5500 offers clear image with high-resolution and high contrast to your x-ray non destructive testing. The x-ray tube and Matsusda image processing technology offer much clearer image instead of poor contrast figures blur image before. Smooth and continuous change of highly precise image is another feature of this newly developed microfocus x-ray tube.
  • Compact type
  • Micro focus x-ray tube
  • 90kV MAX

High accuracy and high efficiency. The brand new image analysis software quickly delivers x-ray images on your PC by simple clicks. The software automatically configures the settings of your inspection or analysis with clicking files. 5500 with the software offers high accuracy and performance to your x-ray non destructive testing, and lowers your testing cost. The compact design of 5500 enables you to easily install x-ray non destructive test system into your labs.


  • Microfocus x-ray tube
  • Dual x-ray image intensifier (x-ray II) camera (4" mode an 2" mode)
  • 13.7" x 13.7" area stage
  • X-Y shifting stage
  • Rotating stage (optional device)
  • Low-leakage x-ray dose (less than 1 uSv/hr)
  • Safety functions: interlock, emergency stop and so on
  • Joystick controller


  • Composites, ceramics and plastics
  • Electronic and electrical components
  • Welds and welded components
  • Populated and unpopulated Pcb's


    10 bit density resolution Density processing: three dimenssion (3D), pseudocolor, pseudo stereo and so on Intensity processing: brightness, contrast, non-linear contrast stretch (gamma), filtering, inverting, binary, histogram and so on Measuring functions: distance, angle and area.


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