DPM-911A/912A Dynamic Strain Amplifiers

These strain amplifiers are highly stable and accurate while realizing easy setting.


  • Working hours can be greatly shortened by easy setting
  • Sensitivity (measuring range) is set in combination of strain level and output voltage settings
  • High voltage output of +/-10V and high SN ratio are ensured
  • Vertical bar graph is easy to see
  • Sensitivity of TEDS-installed transducer is automatically registered
  • Over input is alarmed by flickering 5-digit output voltage indicator
  • Unbalanced capacitive components are automatically canceled by the CST method

    The models DPM-911A/912A are the latest Kyowa development in stand-alone Strain Amplifiers.

    These powerful, single channel strain amplifiers incorporate the latest technology yielding a superior signal to noise (S/N) ration of at least 60db p-p via AC bridge excitation, ease of use, high 10VFS output, TEDS compatibility and high frequency responses of DC to 5kHz (DPM-912A) and DC to 2.5kHz (DPM-911A).

    Designed for stand-alone, panel mount or using 19'' multi-unit rack mount case. 5-Digit Indicator. Frequency Response: DC to 2.5kHz (deviation +/-10%). SN Ration: 60dβ p-p or more. Carrier Frequency: 5kHz. Auto Balance. Number of Measuring Channels: 1. Analog Output: +/-10V or 4-20ma. Nonlinearity: +/-0.1% FS.

    Operating Temperature/Humidity Range: -10 to 50 degree C, 85% RH (noncondensing). Applicable Bridge Resistance: 60 to 1000Ω. Size: 49mm W x 128.5mm H x 262.5mm L (excluding protrusions) . Weight, Approx.: 1.2kg

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    Optional Remote Control Unit RCU-41A


    NTB 100A

    Handy Data Logger SME-30A/100A


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