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WGA-900A Instrumentation Amplifier

Compact Instrumentation Amplifier TEDS compatible.


  • Easy to see display numbers of 5 digits (+/-99999)
  • Wide measuring range up to +/-3.2mV/V
  • Comparator in 5 points enables delicate monitoring and controlling
  • Display of waveform
  • Easy calibration even for TEDS compatible senors
  • Easy operation using touch panels on with easy explanations. No need to see a operation manual.
  • SD card available as standard
  • High resolution and high speed sampling
  • Result of comparison will be showed on different colors
  • Analog-hold circuit is used for detecting peak/bottom value
  • MONITOR - output, RS-232C and I/O port is equipped as standard.
  • Optional BCD-output, D/A output or RS-485 card are available.

    Compact Instrumentation Amplifier. Displays Strain Gage Transducer measurements in real time on a built-in, front panel, color, touch screen, 3.5'' STN LCD. This single channel panel mounted amplifier accommodates up to four (4) 350Ω strain gage based transducers connected in parallel and offers many features including comparator and data hold functions, digital I/O control, multiple communication interfaces, TEDS compatibility and SD storage of measured data and settings.

    Number of Measuring Channels: 1. Applicable Transducers: Strain Gage Transducers. Applicable Bridge Resistance: 87.5Ω to 10KΩ (up to four (4) transducers with 350Ω bridge resistance can be connected in parallel). AC Power Voltage: 85 to 264VAC. Nonlinearity: Within +/-(0.02% FS + 1 digit).

    Operating Temperature/Humidity Range: 0 to 40 degree C, 20 to 85% RH (non condensing). Dimensions: 100(W) x 96(H) x 135(D) mm. Weight: Approx. 1.0kg (excluding options).

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    Optional Remote Control Unit RCU-41A

    Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A


    Coupling Sample NTB-100A

    NTB 100A

    Handy Data Logger SME-30A/100A


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