UCAM-60B/UCAM-65B Data logger

Compact online data logger fully controlled through the PC.



  • Easy-to-understand English presentation
  • Fluorescent display tube ensuring easy viewing in the field
  • Built-in thermal printer for immediate confirmation of measured results


  • Setting measuring conditions from PC and saving measured results to PC
  • Interval measurement possible with no PC connected

    Common to UCAM-60B and UCAM-65B

  • Measurement up to 20000 )um/m with a resolution of 0.1 um/m
  • Scanning at 50 ms/channel with internal scanners
  • High-speed scanning at 20 ms/channel with internal scanners
  • Up to 30-channel measurement with internal scanners
  • Up to 1000-channel measurement with external scanners
  • PC card slot ensuring easy data collection
  • DC-operated version for operation where no AC outlet is avalaible
  • Can automatically set the gage mode for each channel by detecting the channel mode corresponding to the connected strain gage or strain gage transducer.
  • TEDS compatible (with internal scanner Uss-61B/6281 638 mounted;for TEDS, refer to page 8-21)
  • Control software UCS-608 (optional for UCAM-608) enables control through PC connected via Ethernet LAN or RS-232C. (When connecting via Ethernet LAN, use a straight cable and LAN hub.)

    The data logger UCAM-60B is an all-in-one measuring instrument developed in full pursuit of easier field measurement. Easy-to-operate keys, a bright readable display providing understandable presentation and a printer for immediate confirmation of measurement results. All these and more are incorporated in this compact unit to satisfy every need in field measurement.

    The UCAM-65B is a compact online data logger fully controlled through the PC.

    Both models can connect to, and simultaneously input signals from, strain gages, strain gage transducers, civil engineering transducers with temperature measuring function, potentiometer sensors, thermocouples and DC voltage-output instruments.

    They are also compatible with TEDS-installed sensors having information conforming to IEEE template No.33. While measurement in a maximum 30 channels is possible with the mainframe only, external scanners enable measurement in a maximum 1000 channels.

    Measured results are stored in internal memory. And for easy data transfer to PC, measured results can also be saved in a flash ATA card or CF card inserted into the PC card slot.

    Furthermore, Ethernet LAN and RS-232C interfaces are provided standard for connection to the PC, and the control software UCS-60B enables the PC to not only control the UCAM-60B/65B but also perform data processing for rosette analysis, etc.in the field by directly collecting data.

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