Maximum 1000 measuring channels.Flexibly coping with small to large scale measurement


  • Measurement of phenmena from static to dynamic (of up to several Hz)
  • Continuous measurement with a maximum data update rate of 50 times per second (on 100 channels)
  • Number of measuring channels: 1000 in all; 50 per scanner
  • Simultaneous measurement on all channels
  • Measuring speed: 1000 channels per second
  • High-speed large-capacity memory board for longtime data collection
  • Data processing using built-in functions as in rosette analysis
  • Applicable sensors: Strain gages, strain-gage transducers, potentiometer type sensors, voltage sensors, thermocouples and others with their respective scanning units
  • All operations achievable with your personal computer
  • Accessory control software compatible with Windows 95/98

    New from KYOWA, the UCAM-500A data logger lets you uniquely achieve high-speed multichannel measurement with selectable data update rates. Choose the 1-time per second data update rate, for instance, and you can collect new data every second on as many as 1,000 measuring points.

    When the number of measuring channels is reduced, the UCAM-500A enables a proportionally high data update rate. You can then command even dynamic phenmena of low frequency, for example, vibration of a structure aside from general static phenomena.

    The mating scanner - the USB-500A - comes with a 50-channel capacity, and accommodates up to 1,000 measuring channels when 20 scanners are used.

    The data logger is also remarkably easy to command. Just install the sophisticated control software to your personal computer, and proceed using the refined menu - all necessary settings and operations are achieved smoothly and easily.

    Rely on the UCAM-500A/USB-500A, a new type of data logging system, for efficient and reliable investigation of not only static but also quasi-dynamic phenomena.

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