EDX-2000A Memory Recorder/Analyzers

All-in-one All-purpose Instrument From Measurement to Monitoring,Recording and Processing.


  • Processes data for FFT or frequency analysis, etc. during measurement in progress, thereby enabling monitoring of input signals and checking of processed results in real time.
  • All-in-one measuring instrument with conditioner cards (optional) built-in.
  • A battery is built in to safeguard against instantaneous power failure.
  • Built-in large capacity hard disk enables storage of 32-channel data with 10 kHz sampling frequency for approximately 13 hours.
  • Voice memos can be recorded together with measured data.
  • An optional CAN card enables CAN data recording.
  • An optional DA card enables reproduction of analog data.
  • FFT analysis, frequency analysis, arithmetical operations, etc. are possible.
  • Maximum sampling frequency is 200 kHz, and simultaneous sampling of 16 channels is possible even at such a high frequency.
  • Interactive operation makes measuring tasks easy and speedy.
  • Easy-to-handle ATA card or hard disk card is optionally available for transferring offline data to the PC.
  • Connecting LAN interface between the EDS-2000A and PC allows online data transfer to the PC.
  • DAS-100A Data Analysis Software is optionally available.

    The EDX-2000A is a general-purpose, expandable all-in-one instrument that can measure, monitor, record and process signals from various sensors. It has 2 types, 32-channel type and 64-channel type. The EDX-2000A starts measuring according to preset conditions and can simultaneously sample signals of 16 channels at 200 kHz (32 channels at 100 kHz). A built-in large-capacity hard disk enables storage of 32-channel data with 10 kHz sampling frequency for approximately 13 hours. The recorded and processed data can easily be transferred online or offline to the PC. Furthermore, the EDX-2000A enables recording of voice memos, analog reproduction of recorded data with an optional DA card, and recording of CAN data with an optional CAN card.

    Various display functions satisfy demanding needs by presenting measured values, graphs or processed data in real time.


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