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EDS-400A Compact Recorder

Signal conditioners and 16-bit A-D converters are incorporated, 4 channels each,into a compact package to perform advanced measurement in limited spaces.


  • Compact and lightweight package requires less space.
  • 4-channel measurement with one unit
  • Cascade connection of 8 units enables synchronous measurement in up to 32 channels.
  • High-speed sampling at 100 kHz in 1 channel
  • Simultaneous sampling at 20 kHz in 4 channels
  • Can measure strain and voltage signals.
  • Suitable as onboard logger
  • LAN port provided standard
  • Analog filter provided standard
  • Optional data acquisition software DCS-100A usable
  • Data analysis software DAS-100A optionally available

    The 4-channel EDS-400A is equipped with signal conditioners and 16-bit A-D converters to digitally record dynamic strain and voltage signals at high speeds. It can be set to desired recording conditions through either a PC connected to the LAN interface or a CF memory card inserted into the slot. The recorder amplifies and digitizes input signals, and then saves the results in the CF memory card. The PC, if connected to the LAN interface, enables monitoring of waveforms of the data being recorded. The acquired data can be transferred to the PC either on-line via the LAN interface or off-line via the CF memory card. The accessory software enables the PC to graphically display the data while the optional DAS-100A or NI DIAdem analysis software enables data analysis in various modes on the PC.

    Control Software EDS-40A

    Data is saved in CF card. LAN interface enables PC to control EDS-400A and to collect data.


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    Control Software EDS-40A



    Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A


    Coupling Sample NTB-100A

    NTB 100A



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