UCAM-550A Fast data logger

Maximum 1000 channels can be measured. Flexible from small-scale to large-scale measurement.


  • All-channel simultaneous sampling As opposed to the measuring method of switching each channel in sequence, this system adopts the all-channel simultaneous measuring method at high-speed, securing synchronicity of the data.
  • Continuous/simultaneous measurement of 1000 channels at the maximum of 50 times/seconds.
  • It can synchronize in 20 sets units by a LAN cable. Synchronous cable is not required.
  • Dynamic data acquisitition software Control by DCS-100A (Optional) *DCS-100A can measure up to 300 channels in 6 units.
  • Three types of measuring units are included. Three types of the strain gauge, strain gauge transducers, potentiometer type sensor unit, the voltage output type transducers unit and the unit for thermocouple are included. The system can palletize up to 5 mixed units to one UCAM-550A unit, and can easily construct systems made for measurement.

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Software Option DCS-100A


NTB 100A


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