Handy Data Logger SME-30A/100A

SME-30A/31A/100A/101A (For TEDS) Play an Active Role in Field Measurement.


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry portable instrument.
  • Measurement data is saved in SD card and can be controlled on PC.
  • Built-in bridge circuit enables direct connection of a strain gage.
  • Wide measuring range:+/-300,000 um/m.
  • Network terminal box enables multi-channel measurement (SME-100A).
  • Sampling cycles : 2 or 1 per second.
  • Temperature measurement with civil engineering transducer.
  • TEDS compatible: TEDS enables you to write simple data in addition to read full measurement.
  • Operate on 2 AA size alkaline dry cells.

    These handy data loggers operate on dry cell battery for field measurement in conjunction with strain gage or strain- gage transducer.

    Handy Data Logger with Networking Capability SME-100A/101A

    One-cable network is simple and easy. If SME-100A/101A connected NTB-100A Series, a digital measurement of 33 channels or less becomes achieved.


    Additional pictures

    Optional Remote Control Unit RCU-41A

    Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A


    Coupling Sample NTB-100A

    NTB 100A


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