PCD-300B/320A Sensor Interfaces

The PCD-300 series easily makes the PC a measuring instrument of 4 to 16 channels. Two models are available: PCD-300B for strain signal measurement and PCD-320A for voltage signal measurement.

The PCD-300 series sensor interfaces make the existing PC a versatile measuring instrument. The PCD-300B enables the PC to perform stress measurement through the use of strain gages and force, pressure, accel-eration and displacement measurement through the use of strain gage transducers. The PCD-320A enables the PC to measure voltage signals. The sensor interfaces are connected to the PC via USB interface. Connect strain gages and strain gage transducers or voltage output type sensors to the rear input terminals of the sensor interface and start the accessory dynamic data acquisition software DCS-100A. Then, the PC operates as a measuring instrument. Once sensors are connected, interactive operation on the PC enables the operator to obtain measured data in proper engineering units. One sensor interface provides 4 channels and up to 4 units can be connected in cascade to extend to a 16-channel system suitable for small-scale measurement. Needless to say, the PCD-300B can be combined with the PCD-320A for simultaneous measurement of strain and voltage signals. Thus, the PCD-300 series can effectively be utilized as measuring tools in every scene including simple experiments and sophisticated measurement.
Four types of input adapters are available for selection based on sensor and cable types.
  • USB port for connection to PC
  • 4 channels per unit; up to 4 units can be connected for 16-channel measurement.
  • Optional synchronous cable enables simultaneous sampling by 4 units.
  • Synchronous connection of PCD-300B and PCD-320A enables simultaneously measurement of strain and voltage signals.
  • Dynamic data acquisition software DCS-100A, a standard provision for PCD-300B, is compatible with Windows 2000, XP (32-bit) and Vista (32-bit). The software supports both PCD-300B and PCD-320A.
  • TEDS compatible (PCD-300B/300B-F with input adapter UI-10A or UI-11A mounted)
  • Low cost
  • Compact, lightweight

Additional pictures

Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A

Software Option DCS-100A

ui-16a One-touch lock type clamp-style terminal block

UI-15A Clamp-style terminal block

ui-11a (TEDS-compatible) Clamp style terminal block

ui-10aTEDS-compatible with NDIS connectors




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