NTB-100A Network Terminal Boxes


  • Network output is compliant to CAN, requiring a single wire to built the network
  • The wide area, decentralized arrangement will be useful for the infrastructure of building and civil engineering
  • Digitizing data adjacent to the sensor allows noise resistant digital data to be transmitted
  • Compact, ligtweight and affordable, allowing a small-sised system to be built on site easily
  • Various ways of Interlocking and connection are provided, broadening system applications
  • Measurement can be started immediately when the instrument is connected to a computer
    More Features
  • Up to 8 units can be connected in cascade for connection of a PC to strain gages and transducers installed in distant places.
  • Enables field measurement with sensors put at distant places through single line
  • Provides digital output
  • Up to 8 units can be coupled through an AC adapter
  • Simplified software (standard provision) enables immediate measurement
  • Temperature measurement with civil engineering transducer
  • TEDS compatibility for easy setting
  • Scanning cycles : 2 or 1 per second
  • Screw or one-touch terminal selectable

    Control Software

  • Control Software NTB-10A enables remote control from a computer


  • Additional pictures

    Coupling Sample NTB-100A



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