Outline of PCD-300 Series
Connected to the PC via the USB port, the PCD-300 series easily makes the PC a measuring instrument. The PCD-300B interfaces the PC with strain gages and strain gage transducers for measurement of strain/stress, force, pressure, acceleration and displacement. The PCD-320A interfaces the PC with voltage-output sensors for measurement of various signals detected in voltage. Connect strain gages or voltage-output sensors to input terminals on the rear panel and start the dynamic data acquisition software DCS-100A. Then, the PC operates as a measuring instrument. Since all operations can be made in interactive mode with the PC, wanted variables can be obtained in proper engineering units by connecting sensors and setting a few conditions. Each sensor interface provides 4 channels and a 16-channel system can be configured for smallscale measurement by connecting 4 units via synchronous cable. Needless to say, the PCD-300B and PCD-320A can be used in combination. Thus, a compact and multi-purpose measuring system can be configured for comparatively simple experiments or advanced measurement.

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