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Displacement Transducers


KYOWA displacement transducers are designed to measure relative displacement and/or absolute displacement from a steady point, of structures by converting detected displacement to voltage. They are available in rated capacity ranging from 2mm to 5m and have three different conversion types.

The DT-A and DT-D series adopt a strain gage for the transducer element and receive minimal aging effect, thereby enabling long-term stable measurement.

Transducers in the DTH-A series provide high output of 5mV/V (10000 x10.6 strain). Their excellent nonlinearity of ip0.1%RO ensures highly accurate measurement.

The DLT-AS and DLT-BS series are inductance-type displacement transducers available in measurement with rated capacity from ip5 to ip500mm. Since the core mounted to a moving point is not in contact with the mainframe, they are free from abrasion and durable, with less aging change. The mating measuring instrument is the DPM series dynamic strain amplifier, which is excited by a 5kHz carrier.

Transducers in the DTP series use a potentiometer to convert to voltage the expansion/contraction of a displacement detection wire. They are available in measurement with rated capacity from 50cm to 5m. Their high output voltages make them easier to use.

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