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Torque Transducers


Using a strain gage, KYOWA torque transducers convert the torsion (surface shearing stress), corresponding to the torque of the shaft, to an electric quantity (voltage), and output the resultant electric signal through a slip ring and brush or a rotary transformer and photo coupler, etc. They ensure accurate but easy measurement of the torque transmitted from the target object under standstill through high-speed rotation. Since all these transducers use a strain gage for the sensing element, precise and stable measurement is assured even for long-term operation under severe conditions. Thus, they can widely be used not only for experiments and research but also for industrial measurement.

KYOWA torque transducers are designed for use in conjunction with strain amplifiers. Static torque can directly be read using an analog or digital strain amplifier/indicator. Dynamic torque is measured using a dynamic strain amplifier and recorder. The KYOWA memory recorder/analyzer EDX-2000A, if used, enables simultaneous measurement of torque and other phenomena such as temperature, as well as digital data storage.

Models in the TPN series are a noncontact type using a rotary transformer for signal transmission. The design with no slip ring and brush makes them free from problems of abrasion of these parts and facilitates maintenance. Thus, they can suitably be incorporated into equipment as a control instrument.

Equipped with a flexible coupling in place of contact parts such as slip rings, models in the TPH series provide enhanced torsional rigidity and ensure highly precise measurement through excellent response to high-speed rotation. The dedicated built-in amplifier enables the TPH series torque transducers to transmit the voltage or current signal directly to a measuring instrument or a recorder.

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