Acceleration transducers


Each model comes in compact and lightweight configuration, provides a wide frequency response range, and ensures superior dynamic and static characteristics. Rated capacities range from 9.807m to 9807m every second, covering a wide scope of applications. In addition, triaxial models are available for simultaneous detection of accelerations in three directions: X, Y and Z. Detected signals are amplified by signal conditioners with excellent linearity and then processed for accurate measurement. KYOWA also offers you thee acceleration conditioners together with signal conditioners and data processing units. This will enable configuration of a complete acceleration measuring system with all necessary components coming from one single source, KYOWA.
Typical Applications include:
Measurement or clarification of:

Acceleration and deceleration of elevators; Impact acceleration in automotive crash tests; Vibration of automobile or rolling stock bodies; Impact and acceleration of aircraft at takeoff and landing

Vibration of: Ships or aircraft; Bridges or tracks generated by running vehicles; Structures or ground generated by earthquakes, etc.; Machinery.

In addition to: Physiological acceleration; Resistancenoise-generating sources.

KYOWA performers come with these advantageous features and more.

Small size, lightweight design: KYOWA acceleration transducers are all designed to be small in size and light in weight, to ensure easy installation, minimal effect on the object under measurement. The AS-GA and ASA-GB series for measurement of low magnitudes of acceleration are especially easy to use. Models in these and other series can be easily installed using adhesive.

Wide frequency response range: KYOWA acceleration transducers include those providing a wide frequency response range to permit accurate detection even of acceleration generated by collision.

Long fatigue life: Repetitive use up to ten million times at the rate capacity does not adversely affect the transducer characteristics.

490kPa water pressure resistance: For use under water or in the soil, waterproof models in the ASW series are built to withstand water pressure of 490kPa. Also, corrosion-resistance versions of these models are available in a stainless steel case.

Triaxial measurement: Triaxial acceleration transducers in the AS-TA, AS-TB and AS-TG series can simultaneously detect accelerations in three directions: X (left-right), Y (front-rear) and Z (up-down). Minimal interference between each axis ensures accurate measurement.

Variety of types available: KYOWA offers a variety of acceleration transducers with rated capacities ranging from 9.807 to 9807m every second . This permits the user to select the optimum model for each application.

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Small Acceleration Transducers

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