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There are so many reasons why Kyowa strain-gage load cells are ideal as sensors for weighing systems.
KYOWA load cells offer outstanding and sustained performance over long periods of usage, even under harsh operating conditions, thanks to their adoption of our independently developed, dedicated strain gages of excellent accuracy, our superior production technologies and calibration equipment of supreme precision, and our rich experience in this field. We offer a full range of models to satisfy all industrial needs, including: models for compression and tension applications; explosion-proof models usable in environments containing dangerously explosive liquids, gases, powders, etc.; washer type models for measuring rolling pressure, etc. KYOWA load cells can be used in sensing applications ranging from general force measurement in testing or research to measuring and controlling weight (mass) in tanks, hoppers, mills, vehicles, etc. All KYOWA load cells are built to provide high precision, stability and air-tight reliability as demanded for a broad array of industrial requirements.

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