One-touch Lock Type Bridge Box

Saving the Wiring by Using a One-touch Lock Terminal Block.


  • A dedicated cable (DB-120V-8C/DB-350V-8C) that can be connected to the CDV-40A/B conditioner for EDX series is provided.
  • A one-touch locking type terminal block easy-connected to a lead wire is used.
  • Compatible with the NDIS connector input type (DB-120V-8C/DB-350V-8C)
  • The applicable resistance values of a strain gage are two types of 120Ω and 350Ω.


    Additional pictures



    Bridges Box with EDS-400A

    Bridges Box with EDX-100A

    Bridges Box with EDX-2000A

    DB-120V-8C, DB-350V-8C Accessory cable N-105

    Bridge Boxes

    Kyowa EDX2000

    edx 100a


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