Data Analysis Software

Up to 8 data files can be graphed on display.


  • One data file can be processed for waveform display, FFT analysis, statistic operation, header information display, tabulation of numeric data and setting display conditions.
  • Data file can be extracted and converted to CSV file.
  • Statistic processing
  • Arithmetic operation
  • FFT analysis
  • Histogram analysis
  • Filtering
  • Differentiation/integration
  • Saving/reading graph display and analysis condition file
  • Printer output

    The DAS-100A enables graph display, numeric display and various kinds of analysis of the data recorded in the KYOWA standard KS1 or KS2 file format by KYOWA instruments including DBU-120A, PCD-300 series, EDX-1500A, EDX-2000A, EMR-1000A and EDS-400A.

    Outline of Data Reproduction

  • 1, 2 or 4 Y-Time graphs can be presented on a window. The zooming function enables detailed observation of a necessary part by zooming in and the cursor enables reading the values on the time axis. The enlarged result on display can be saved as a different file or converted to CSV file.

    Outline of Analysis

  • Data file can be subjected to arithmetic operation, FFT analysis, histogram analysis and differentiation/ integration. The analyzed results can be saved in another file or converted to CSV file.


  • Additional pictures

    Software Option DCS-100A

    Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A


    Coupling Sample NTB-100A


    Handy Data Logger SME-30A/100A


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