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Dynamic data acquisition software

Various graphs and value windows can be used to monitor measured data and realize high-efficiency collection.


  • The measurement data is monitored in a variegated graph window display and a numeric window
  • Common operation not depending on the controlled object measuring instrument. The basic operating method does not depend on the controlled measuring instrument, so easy operation will be even if the measuring instrument changes.
  • Enables windows display with Y-Time, X-Y, bar chart, circular meter and numeric.
  • Enables compatible with Japanese/English
  • Enables measurement condition setting, data acquisition and data playback. Installation of measurement conditions, data acquisition, data recovery, data acquisition and file conversion can be completed just by using this software. DAS-100A is configured for analyzing the acquisition data.
  • Large-capacity data acquisition by computer's hard disk is available
  • Acquisition data can be recovered automatically.
  • Easy operation can be realized through the toolbar, function keys and operation panel
  • Easy operation can be realized through the toolbar, function keys and operation panel When the data playback, KYOWA standard data format (KS2) can be converted to CSV and Excel formats.

    DCS-100A is a dynamic data acquisition software developed to make KYOWA measuring instruments even more powerful. The software enables easy interactive setting of various conditions and facilitates efficient acquisition of required data by presenting variables under measurement in varied graph and numeric windows on the display.

  • Basic Software:DCS-100A
  • Simultaneous Acquisition of Movie and Numeric Data/Arithmetic Operations: DCS-101A
  • Data Reproduction Analysis: DCS-102A
  • External Control of EDX-3000A: DCS-103A
  • GPS Data Acquisition DCS-104A
  • Software Option for DCS-100A, NEW DCS-101A

  • Enables monitoring/recording of moving image data in linkage with measuring operation.
  • Enables reproduction of moving image and test data with cursors synchronized.
  • Enables arithmetic operation of measurement data in real time.
  • Enables rosette analysis and matrix analysis.


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    Software Option DCS-100A


    EDX-3000A Memory Recorder Analyzer

    NTB 100A

    Handy Data Logger SME-30A/100A


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