Special Gages KV Crack Gages

KV,Crack Gages
  • Description

    Bonded to a cracked or crack-expected part of structures and materials, the KV gages measure the propagation length and velocity of the crack. Different from usual strain gages, the grid of the KV gages is cut along with crack development, resulting in resistance change. (Utility model)
  • Progress and propagation velocity of a crack are electrically obtained.
  • High response speed.
  • Applicable to both flat and curved surfaces.
  • Resistance change versus crack length is virtually linear.
  • Dedicated adapter enables use of a conventional strain amplifier.
  • Extremely simple and convenient compared with the conventional optical method.
  • 2 trigger wires each before and behind the grid (KV-5C) can be used for automation of measurement.

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