B series Wuhan Guide

High Performance Intelligent Thermographic IR Camera


  • Fully radiometric images with a thermal resolution of 50mK NETD
  • Frame rate of 25 Hz at 160x120; 256x192 or 320x240 IR pixel resolution
  • Robust and large 320 x 240 pixel 3.5 inch Highlight LCD screen
  • Visible light 640 x 480 resolution , automatic
  • Three types-160x120; 256x192; 320x240 IR FPA detector,automatic and electric focusing
  • Four image presentations-IR, visible, PIP and MIF
  • Buckle type lens-tele lens, wide lens, high temperature filer lens can be changed directly in different occasions
  • Large capacity battery--four hours of operating time with two batterie
  • Wi-Fi (option) Data transfer, Micro-USB for real-time image/video transmission

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