Workswell ThermoInspector

Automatic inspection system for thermal monitoring, analysing and evaluation. Support up to 4 thermal cameras.


  • Complete machine infrared vision package;
  • LWIR 640 pixels, 336 pixels or 160 pixels resolution;
  • Plug and Play installation and easy setup;
  • Powerful full-screen operator visualization;
  • Graphs, tables, OK/NOK;
  • 8x digital inputs and outputs, 4x Ethernet ports;
  • Power over Ethernet cabling and 24 Vdc supply;
  • High IP65 camera and touchscreen protection;
  • Temperature range up to 550 degC (optional up to 2,000 degC)


    The Workswell ThermoInspector parameterized NDT inspection system for inspecting production quality and fire-protection for dumps, incineration plants, communal waste, warehouses and industrial operating units. The ThermoInspector system is well-established in numerous areas of industry: plastic, glass, steel, foundry, wood, paper and chemicals, etc.

    System composition

    The main part of the Workswell ThermoInspector system consists of a central unit and up to to four thermal cameras that can be simultaneously connected to the system. The delivery of the system includes Workswell WIC thermal cameras with a high thermal sensitivity (up to 30 mK), a high temperature range (up to 2000o C) and a strong sealed enclosure (up to IP65). The system is also compatible with FLIR stationary thermal cameras.

    The central unit of the system is a universal industrial PC with included peripherals, 8 x digital inputs / outputs, 4x Ethernet interface with an integrated PoE supply and a IP64 rated case (dust tight). The system is cooled completely passively without the need for ventilators or fans. The central unit is available in two versions: as an independent industrial PC with dimensions of 26 x 22 x 8cm, or as an all-in-one PC with a high-quality touch full HD screen and a IP65 enclosure rated as dust tight and slightly water resistant.

    System function

    The Workswell ThermoInspector is a programmable system to inspect quality production and is a form of thermal imaging fire protection. A major benefit of this system is the wide-ranging options for the configuration and programming of the system, including the appearance and evaluation of functions. The system also allows you to create programme modules for specific machine vision algorithms or videometry, which is required for some applications.

    The system also allows you to set the visualisation (temperature profiles and time courses, method of visualisation, including setting of pallets, etc.), alarms, evaluation rules etc. Of the system. The system can record data constantly and can record individual anomalous events on a HDD or to a server via Ethernet. Using digital inputs and outputs, the system can be connected to the master control system, such as PLC or it can directly control the manufacturing machinery and process.

    Valuable parameters:
  • self-contained system, including control unit and accessories
  • up to four thermal cameras with the resolution of 640 x 512 px, 336 x 256 px or 160 x 128 px
  • Plug and Play installation, easy system configuration
  • full-screen visualization for operators
  • online graphic statistics
  • 8x digital input/output, 4x Ethernet interface
  • supply through PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • IP65 level of coverage for thermal camera and touch panel
  • Temperature range up to 550o C (optional 2,000o C)

    Model no. Workswell ThermoInspector
    Central controll units 2 possible versions: Passive central controller or Touchscreen central controller Camera ports: 4 x Gigabit PoE Ethernet, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet for PLC Digital Inputs: 8 x isolated (24 VDC compatible) inputs Digital Outputs: 8 x open collector outputs Serial ports: RS232, RS485 Power supply: 6-36VDC USB ports: 2 x USB3 super speed ports for data uploading Embedded operating system optimized for multi-camera connection
    Thermal cameras Up to 4 connected LWIR cameras per one central unit, 3 different available resolutions: 640 x 512 pixels, 336 x 256 pixels, 160 x 128 pixels with 5 different infrared lens with manual focus system Lenses: Interchangeable and focusable, various field of view Framerate up to 30Hz Temperature range: -25o C to +150o C, -40o C to +550o C, optional up to 2000o C Accuracy: +/- 2% or +/- 2o C Temperature sensitivity: ≤0.03o C (30mK) @ 30o C

Additional pictures

ThermoInspector Touch Screen Version

ThgermoInspector Integrated in a Touch Screen Unit

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