IRT Cronista 3.5

IRT Cronista is a unique and highly sophisticated tool for organization of infrared images, their evaluation and the generation of significant reports.


  • Quick and easy one‐step report generation in standard Microsoft Word format for easy exchange of reports with colleagues and customers.
  • Detailed analysis with powerful temperature analysis tools: multi points, multi profile lines, area analysis, hot spot detection, ...
  • Analysis on several infrared images simultaneously with adjustable zoom in analysis mode
  • Easy linking of infrared image, visual image and voice and text notes automatic or manually.
  • Easily organize your infrared images: Quick overview of infrared image, corresponding visual image and text notes.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of infrared image formats, contact us for details.
  • Customized report layout templates
  • Different language settings available
    A high-quality documentation

    IRT Cronista is a Windows‐based software, generating reports in Microsoft Word format ‐ the industry standard word processing platform. This makes it very easy to share reports with colleagues and customers.

    IRT Cronista supports a large number of infrared image formats. It is the first analysis software that is independent of camera manufacturers. It is compatible with most of the modern infrared cameras as well as with many older models. Contact us for details.


  • PPM - Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Research & Development
  • Energy Supply
  • Industrial Applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Building Inspections / Civil Enginerring
  • Biological & Medical Applications

    Supported Cameras

    This list is not full. Contact us to check support of your camera if you do not find it in this list.


  • Ti10, Ti20, Ti25, TiR, TiR1;
  • Ti40, Ti45, Ti50, Ti55, TiR2/3/4


  • P-Series: P20, P25, P45, P50, P60, P65,P620, P640;
  • R&D: SC640, S60, S65, S45;
  • A-Series: A20, A40;
  • B-Series: B2, B20, BCAM, B360, B400, BX320;
  • E-Series: EX320, EX300, E45;
  • T-Series: T360, T400;
  • InfraCAM, InfraCAM SD;
  • PM545, PM695, THV550, THV570


  • TVS-500, TVS-200, TVS-700, TVS-8500, TVS-600, TVS-100, TVS-2000;
  • TH-7716, TH-7700, TH-7800, TH-9100, TH-9260, TS-9100

    Infrared Solutions

  • IR-FlexCam, IR-FlexCam 320;
  • InSight.


  • S160, S180;
  • S280, G90, HY-6000, HY-6800, HY-6900.


  • VarioCam 320, VarioCam 384, VarioCam 640.


  • MP50, MP150

    Other Makers

  • Mikron, DIAS, Testo, AGEMA



  • Additional pictures

    Simultaneous analysis on several images

    Reports made easy

    Professional image analysis

    IRT Cronista for Pocket PC

    Infrared and visual

    Information manager

    Image Fusion

    Flexible image view

    IRT Cronista

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