IRT Analyzer 4.8

Professional thermographic analysis and reporting tool for reasearchers.


  • Built-in image explorer
  • Image Database
  • Easy to use integrated workspace
  • Flexible image view
  • Full range of analysis tools
  • Sequence analysis; bright, accurate graphs
  • Advanced analysis
  • Quick template-based report generation system
  • Real-time recorder and online analysis with direct connection to the camera
  • Variety of export options plus special support for Microsoft Office applications
    A high-quality documentation

    Create fast and comprehensive high quality reports of your daily work with one mouse click, using customized layout templates to match your needs. IRT Analyzer makes it possible for you to spend more time in the field and less time at the desk - a priceless advantage for all service technicians.


  • PPM - Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Research & Development
  • Energy Supply
  • Industrial Applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Building Inspections / Civil Enginerring
  • Biological & Medical Applications
  • Supported Cameras

    This list is not full.

    Contact us to check support of your camera if you do not find it in this list.


    • VarioCam 384, VarioCam 640, VarioCam 1024, IR-TCM;

    Wuhan Guide
    • B series, C series, D series;


    • Ti40, Ti45, Ti50, Ti55, TiR2/3/4
    • Ti10, Ti20, Ti25, TiR, TiR1;
  • FLIR

    Mikron, DIAS, Testo, AGEMA

  • P-Series: P20, P25, P45, P50, P60, P65,P620, P640;
  • R&D: SC640, S60, S65, S45;
  • A-Series: A20, A40;
  • B-Series: B2, B20, BCAM, B360, B400, BX320;
  • E-Series: EX320, EX300, E45;
  • T-Series: T360, T400;
  • InfraCAM, InfraCAM SD;
  • PM545, PM695, THV550, THV570


  • TVS-500, TVS-200, TVS-700, TVS-8500, TVS-600, TVS-100, TVS-2000;
  • TH-7716, TH-7700, TH-7800, TH-9100, TH-9260, TS-9100

    Infrared Solutions

  • IR-FlexCam, IR-FlexCam 320;
  • InSight.


  • S160, S180;
  • S280, G90, HY-6000, HY-6800, HY-6900.


  • MP50, MP150

    Other Makers

  • Additional pictures


    Built-in image explorer

    Image Database



    IRT Analyser Diagrams

    IRT Cronista

    IRT Analyser

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